Product Description

Functional descriptions

When breathing out, the moisture and warmth in the breath is recycled with LUNGPLUS.

When breathing in through LUNGPLUS the air is warmed and also humidified, and that makes it more comfortable to breath in cold air.

User guide

  1.  Place the end with the “wings” in your mouth.
  2. Do NOT bite in LUNGPLUS
  3. Choose if you want LUNGPLUS in front of or behind your teeth.
  4. Breathe in and out through the LUNGPLUS.
  5. Due to condensation when using LUNGPLUS there will be water in the device. It can be wiped out, blown out or sucked in and swallowed.

Service advice

After each use, LUNGPLUS should be cleaned by pouring hot water through and over it or boiled in water. It can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Material declaration

Canals of aluminum in a cover of FDA-tested Santoprene.

Other information

To reduce the risk of dental injuries in case of an accident LUNGPLUS is designed to not damage the teeth. It is therefore possible to damage the LUNGPLUS if you bite too hard into it. Even if LUNGPLUS is designed to prevent damage to the teeth in an accident LUNGPLUS is used at your own risk.

LUNGPLUS is a Swedish invention by LUNG-PLUS Info AB (patent pending).

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