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Person with cold-induced asthma: “With LUNGPLUS I can be outdoors also during cold days”

An athlete: “Since I started using LUNGPLUS, I don’t get dry cough after working out in the cold”


  • Water in inhaled air increase already indoors from 1,7 g/m3 to 23 g/m3. (1)
  • Resistance when breathing 0,5 l/s is less than 40 pascal, which is ignorable negligible. (1)
  • Together with Terbutalin LUNGPLUS gives an obvious increase of the medicine effect. (2)
  • Protect against cold asthma. (3)

The diagram below shows how 91 students at the University of Wisconsin estimated how comfortable it was to breath with or without LUNGPLUS at different temperatures. (4)



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During nasal breathing, heat and humidity are exchanged over a 160 cm(2) area of mucous membrane. This capacity is not sufficient for airway comfort during cold air breathing. Similarly, airway discomfort and constriction may be experienced during exercise-induced mouth breathing in marginally cold temperatures. In asthmatics and sensitive persons such airway discomfort rapidly transforms to broncho-constriction and related breathing problems. The Lungplus mouth-held breathing aid contains a coil of corrugated aluminium foil that provides a heat and moisture exchange area of 1200 cm(2) (Model 1) with a minimal breathing resistance. The present experiment was designed to quantify improved airway comfort using the device. Ninety-one subjects were exposed to each of three rooms with average air temperatures of +20, +3 and -15 degrees C, with a corresponding relative humidity of 50, 70 and 90%. For each condition, subjects gave subjective numerical assessments of the airway sensation during nose, mouth and Lungplus breathing, respectively. At each room temperature, mouth breathing resulted in a less comfortable airway rating than did breathing through the nose, which in turn resulted in a less comfortable rating than the Lungplus breathing condition.

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