Sometimes the greatest innovations are the simplest ones.

Sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.

RobTech is trying to bring you those things that can make a big difference for you.


RobTech is basically a one-man show and your man is Robert Andersson.

The combination of extensive experience of endurance sports (cross-country skiing, orienteering, adventure racing and more), a career in the Swedish Armed Forces and being a “gadget freak” brings great opportunities to help you.

To start with I will try to bring products to Finland that can make your life easier. I will choose products based on my own experience so what you will find here are well tested and they work.If you are missing anything specific from the Finnish market drop me a mail and I will look into it.

The future will tell what’s next but I’m open for any ideas so if you need help with any other projects where my experience can be valuable for you just let me know.

Currently I can support you best in Swedish and English but if you want to have support in Finnish please send me a mail and I will do my best.

Contact me:

Robert Andersson (LinkedIn)

+358 50 487 3120